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Meet Our Staff

Brian Manwaring

Brian Manwaring has been in the chocolate business for 35 years. As the CEO and Heir to the Florence’s legacy, he manages every aspect of the company from production and shipping to new product development and quality assurance.

Michelle Manwaring

Michelle is certified in the art of hand dipping and has overseen this exquisite process for the last 20 years at Florence's. She also hand-dips all the double dipped cherry cordials.

Janet Timothy

Janet has perfected her craft of hand dipping for more than 35 years. She hand dips all the nuts, caramels, and creams in dark chocolate. Janet is the longest-standing artisan at Florence's and her experience is invaluable.

Tamara Dayley

Tamara has been dubbed the "queen of the kitchen." She rolls all of the creams by hand for every filled chocolate creation, and prepares all of the fresh fruit juices and zests we use at Florence's. Tamara is also the Head Cook over caramels, creams, and brittles, and oversees our creative packaging.